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CM'S PPT on Irrigation Projects in TS ASSEMBLY



The Hon'ble Chief Minister of Telangana, Mr.K.Chandasekhar Rao, was invited by the World Economic Forum to participate in their Annual Meeting under their program entitled "New Champions - 2015" held in Dalian, China, from 9th to 11th September 2015.

The Chief Minister who represented India had eloquently spoken on various and variety of issues raised by the organizers of the event on "Emerging Markets at Cross Roads"

The viewers from different parts of the country and the world started praising and appreciating the Chief Minister right from the movement he concluded his speech and have developed much more admiration for him for his extempore delivery of comments from a Forum of high international repute.

In fact, this reminded the old generation of the way the then Prime Minister of India, late Mr.Rajiv Gandhi, addressed an International Conference within a few months of his taking over the reigns of administration of the Indian Government with his quickly gained and abundant knowledge on Indian economy and other issues.

We congratulate our Chief Minister not only for his excellency in presenting the facts and future plans but also for having been honored by a renowned organization like World Economic Forum on behalf of India.

TECCI wishes him many more successful years of performance and good governance in the service of the people of our country in general and Telangana state in particular.