Welcome to Telangana Chambers of Commerce and Industry. You are cordially invited to enrol as Member

Chambers of Commerce and Industry (TECCI)

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There are three categories for NRIs which are as follows :

→ Individual Membership USD 100/- per annum
→ Corporate Membership USD 300/- per annum
→ Associate Membership USD 500/- per annum

The subscription "Year" is reckoned as a period of 12 months from the first day of the Quarter in which the application is submitted. "Quarter" means periods of April to June, July to September, October to December and January to March.

All the Chairmen and Members of the International Committees have to definitely enrol as Associate Members only. For regular Membership, the first and second categories are applicable. For other guidelines, please refer the Application Form from home page at the footer.

You will be helping TECCI and the Telangana state with your own contribution while expanding your contacts and creating opportunities for the growth of your business, social and cultural relations.

In the initial stage, it is decided to keep the duration for one year till the validity of the Membership. This can be renewed for a longer period depending upon the progress made and performance shown during this period.

The following are the main responsibilities.

  • Enrollment of Membership.The Members shall be responsible for establishing working relationships with the Chambers of Commerce in their respective countries, identifying potential business opportunities in their respective areas and sharing the same with fellow members of TECCI apart from enrolling members into TECCI.
  • Creating awareness among Foreign Investors and companies about the business opportunities keeping in view the first of its kind industrial policy with various fiscal and financial incentives launched by the state Government in the month of June 2015.
  • Making all efforts to bring in Foreign Direct Investments as per the specifications of the Government of India.
  • Making the prgram of “Make in Telangana” successful in your own way.
  • Taking care of the Indian Investors abroad and Foreign Investors in Telangana without giving any scope for regret or inconvenience of any sort.

Yes. He is authorized to do so with the persons of high eminence in their respective professions. Each Committee may have a minimum strength of five Members. The profiles of these persons have to be sent to the Management Committee, Head Office, TECCI, in advance for information and necessary action at our end.

The Chairman and the Members of the Foreign Committees are most welcome to do so. A detailed note about their proposal and purpose of visit, if any, has to be sent to us in advance. We will examine the proposal with utmost care and concentration and revert back to the Chairmen of the Committees with all attention. We will organize the meetings with the Government Authorities, Ministers and the Chief Ministert, if required. We will take care of them right from their arrival to their departure on receiving their itinerary.

TECCI has no intention to open its offices abroad at this point of time. It takes time The Members of these Committees are being requested to co-operate by making their own arrangement.

  • TECCI expects monthly or quarterly reports of their performance with good results

  • TECCI is planning to publish a quarterly journal entitled “VOICE OF TELANGANA” from October 2015 onwards. We expect the NRI Members to contribute articles to this journal regularly on various topics, current affairs and other issues. The copies of journals will be sent to all the Members on line.

  • TECCI invites suggestions from the Members for overall improvement of its functioning in every area of its operation. The Public Relations Officer may be mailed for this purpose.