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Jangaon district is carved out of erstwhile Warangal district. The district shares boundaries with Warangal, Siddipet, Suryapet and Yadadri districts.

The district comprises of 13 mandals and 2 revenue divisions – Jangoan and Ghanpur (Stn). The district headquarters is located at Jangaon town.

It is located about 85 kilometers from Hyderabad city, on the National Highway 163 and Suryapet-Siddipet State Highway 9. The name Jangaon has evolved from the term "jaingaon" which means the village of Jains. Kolanupaka located near Jangaon is a famous pilgrimage center for Jains with a rich historical background. According to 2011 India census, Jangaon had a population of 52,394. The town has a tropical climate.

Historical Background

Kolanupaka is considered as the second capital of the KalyaniChalukyas during the 11th Century AD. During this period the village was the center of the Jains as well as the Saivites. It is also the birthplace of 'Renukacharya', the great 'Veera Saiva' saint. Pembarthi, located nearly 6 km from Jangaon, is world-famous for its brass artifacts. Komaravelli is a divine destination of Komaravelli Mallanna Swamy. Sri Someshwara Laxminarasimha Swamy Temple, Palakurthi is located nearly 34 km from Jangaon on a hillock. It is also the birthplace of famous poet "Palakurthi Somanadha Kavi" of 12thcentury. Jeedikal is a holy place where it is believed that Lord Sri Ram passed through in search of the Golden Deer (Mareecha). Jeedikal Jatara held here is a popular biennial event.